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Education is key to success on the Road to Reliability™.

And too many people across the world do not have easy access to high-quality reliability & maintenance training courses. Courses that deliver real value for money.

We will change that by providing top quality online training courses for each of the 4 Essential Elements. The following courses will be available anytime, anywhere in the world:

"We believe in your people and empowering them to drive maintenance improvement in your business."

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Online Training Course

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Learn what maintenance planning & scheduling is, how it creates value in an industrial environment and how to successfully implement it in your own organisation.

Optimise your Preventive Maintenance Program using RCM principles

Developing a Cost Effective Maintenance Program

Learn how to develop or improve your PM program using the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). Reduce costs and improve reliability & increase production.


Introduction to Defect Elimination and Causal Learning

Learn the powerful principles of Defect Elimination, Causal Learning and how to implement both in your Organisation. This is critical for any organisation looking to escape a reactive maintenance culture.

Work together

Leading Maintenance & Reliability Improvement

Aimed at maintenance managers with a strong technical background, this course teaches these new leaders how to develop, sell and implement improvement programs that deliver sustainable results.

Each course will teach you about everything you need to know about the topic, but we also show you how to implement it in your plant.

Course material includes videos, audio, online knowledge tests, presentation packs, textbooks and workbooks.

Interested? Simply get in touch to find out more, or check our sample course materials for more information.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential
to maximize their own performance.

It’s helping them to learn, rather than teaching them.”

- Tim Gallwey -


After education comes implementation. You need to take your newly gained knowledge and make the changes required to become a Reliable Plant.

We know from experience that it's easy to get stuck along the way. But instead of calling expensive consultants to fix your problem, learn how to fix it yourself with our online coaching solution.

Online coaching can be as simple as a few hours of adhoc support and advice to help you fix a particular problem. Or it can be a structured longer term process focussed on your development or implementing change in your organisation. It simply depends on your needs.

It's not only much more cost effective, but it also builds your capability. That makes coaching not a cost, but a long term investment in your success.

"Our self-help model is much more cost-effective, develops your personnel and is actually sustainable in the long term."

Sometimes you just need something done.
We understand. So we get it done, and done well.


We all know the saying that Rome wasn't built in day. And we always stress that the Road to Reliability™ is a marathon not a sprint.

But sometimes things just need to get done. Sometimes you simply need some extra hands. It could be that it's just too much work in a short space of time. Or maybe you don't have the skills in house to do what needs doing.

To help our clients in every way possible R2 Reliability has partnered with high quality, boutique asset management consultancies. Together we can help you in all aspects of Maintenance & Reliability. We never compromise on the quality of our service, but do keep costs down by leveraging technology and offshore solutions.

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