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Finally! A fully online course that teaches you
the essentials of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
shows you how to successfully implement it in your organisation.

Join a group of high-performing companies that are improving their productivity using our training:

maintenance planning and scheduling online training course

Tired of your low productivity, reactive maintenance environment?

Well, I can't blame you. A reactive maintenance environment can be soul-destroying, especially to those of us who know there is a better way to work.

A safer way, a lower-cost way, a more profitable way.

A more enjoyable way to work.

But you're not alone. Industry studies show over and over again that maintenance productivity is often poor, and typically as low as 30%. That means that during a 10-hour day your technicians only spend 3 hours doing actual maintenance work. Sometimes even less.

So, when you pay your maintenance technicians for a full day’s work you only get 3 hours of your money’s worth. And no, that’s not because your technicians aren’t working hard. It’s because organisations make it too hard for people to do the right thing. The average day is simply filled with too much inefficiency and waste.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Experience and research show that with an effective maintenance planning & scheduling process you can grow your productivity to 45%. And as you continue to improve you can increase your productivity to world-class levels of 55% or 60%.


Many Implementations of Planning & Scheduling Fail in the Long Run

Many organisations do set out to implement maintenance planning and scheduling. Unfortunately, most of these organisations do not achieve the long-term results they expected.

Often the improvements don’t last, even when the initial implementation seemed successful. You see, if you implement planning & scheduling without a comprehensive approach that addresses project management and change management principles you simply cannot succeed. The outcomes just won’t be sustainable.


A Lot of Planning & Scheduling Training is Ineffective

A standard classroom-based planning & scheduling course lasts 3 days. You walk in and 3 days later you walk out. Usually with a binder full of slides under your arm to remind you of your death-by-PowerPoint experience. Three months later you will have forgotten most of what was covered in those 3 days.

Many of these courses do not address what it takes to make the required changes in your organisation and your ways of working. And without a successful change, the return on investment of most of these death-by-PowerPoint experiences is near zero.

And, add insult to injury, if you don’t happen to live in a well serviced market like the US, the UK, parts of Western Europe or say Australia you will have very limited access to high-quality planning & scheduling training.


The Solution Is Here

Finally! The solution is here. An online course that teaches you the essentials of
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling and shows you how to successfully implement it in your organisation.

Now there really is nothing left to stop you from taking your first step on the Road to Reliability™.


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
The Online Course

On offer is a new, modern-day solution to this problem. World-class quality maintenance planning & scheduling training delivered straight to you, wherever you are in the world.

Your course will be delivered to you through an online learning management system using pre-recorded video lessons. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser.


And, you don’t need to travel. You don’t need to be away from your family.

You don't need to try to explain to your boss why you'll be out of the office for several days. Instead, you can show your boss how much many you save by not traveling. Travel costs can often be more than the actual course fees! Not anymore.

This accredited course makes maintenance planning & scheduling training suddenly more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

  • 100% online. Take the course anywhere, anytime

    Because this course is 100% online, with all content delivered through pre-recorded video lectures housed in a state-of-the art, web-based learning management system you can truly take this course anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

    Even on your mobile as you take the bus to work. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

  • Complete with proven framework for implementation

    To ensure you succeed where many have failed in the past I will be teaching you a proven and comprehensive framework for implementing maintenance planning & scheduling. 

    I want you not just to enjoy this course, I want you to get a real return on your investment! 

  • Lifetime access

    Sign up for the Professional Edition of Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Online and you will get life-time access.

    You don't just get 3 days of classroom training and a bunch of slides. You can watch the pre-recorded training videos as many times as you want, whenever you want. And yes, you also get access to all future updates if you're on the Professional Edition.

What We'll Cover in The Course
And What You'll Learn:

How to build a business case for implementing or improving planning & scheduling in your business and how to sell this to your leadership. This includes how to estimate the value planning & scheduling can bring to your organisation.

The key elements in the maintenance planning & scheduling business process and how they interact with each other. This includes developing a planning & scheduling business process flow specific for your organization.

The key roles in the maintenance planning process particularly the maintenance planner, the scheduler and the supervisor.

The importance of work prioritization and different methodologies that could opt for including the Ranking Index for Maintenance Expense (RIME) priority system and using a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM).

How to Deal with Emergency Maintenance work so that you don’t lose control and remain to slip back into a reactive work environment

How to effectively manage your maintenance backlog including what categories of backlog you should use, how much backlog you should have and how to monitor your backlog

How to implement Maintenance Planngin & Scheduling in your organisation successfully, including the project management and chnage management principles you need to address. The importance of training and especially coaching and how to set this up for success. How to measure the success of your implementation and ensure long term sustainability.

And much, much more ... from setting quality standards for work requests, to the most important planning & scheduling KPIs and how to calculate them, to how to deal with emergent work during the execution phase

10 Course Modules
Everything You Need to Know:


Welcome to the course

A short module, but very important module. In this module we'll get get you setup for success.

We'll cover course objectives, go into the details of exactly what you'll learn and how we will work together.

In addition I'll give an introduction to the online learning management system. And introduce you to our support staff and where and how to ask for help.


Introduction to Planning & Scheduling

In this module we start the real work. After a brief exploration of the role of maintenance in asset-intensive industries, we'll explore why we need planning & scheduling.

We'll cover the increase in productivity and what that means for the bottom line of the business you work for. But we'll also explore other key benefits of planning & scheduling that are maybe less tangible like workforce motivation and safety.

In the final lesson of the module we touch on some critical characteristics of maintenance work that influence how we set up a successful maintenance planning & scheduling process.


Identify & Prioritise Work

Module 3 is all about work is initiated and prioritised. Fail to get this right and you'll continue to chase your tail and will not get out of the reactive maintenance model.

Most organisations don't realise how critical this step is. Most managers and supervisors don't want to spend the time on getting this right.

In this module I will explain why you don't want to be making that mistake and why putting a lot of effort in creating quality work requests and prioritising them properly is so critical to your success.

And in the last lesson we'll touch on some KPIs that you can use to measure your success. 


Plan Work

Module 4 is all about maintenance planning, why it is important and the 6 principles that underpin a sound maintenance planning process.

We'll talk quite a lot about roles & responsibilities because this is where many organisations go wrong. They burden their maintenance planners with work that should be done by others and in doing so they never reach the productivity improvement they were aiming for. 

We'll also discuss the level of detail that is required in a maintenance work order, what makes up a good 'work pack' and we'll touch on common mistakes and some useful KPIs. 


Monitor Work

This is a step in the planning & scheduling process that is not often talked about, but it's key to your success.

Once the work is planned, all materials are ordered, and purchase orders have gone out for external services you need to keep an eye out on when vendors are available, when materials will arrive at site etc.

And when that’s all in place, you need to flag the planned work in your CMMS as 'Ready for Execution' as a handover point to the Scheduler. 


Schedule Work

Module 6 is all about scheduling. We'll talk about how scheduling is different from planning and why you need both.

We'll discuss 5 basic scheduling principles including why you need to schedule for a Frozen Week. how to build up your Weekly Schedule. And we'll delve in to capacity planning plus we'll talk about some basic scheduling techniques and concepts.

As usual our last lesson in this module will cover KPIs in this case those KPIS that you can use to drive your scheduling process for example Weekly Schedule Compliance.  


Execute Work

Module 7 is all about executing the maintenance work that has been planned and scheduled. This is the core of the process and a lot of what we do in planning & scheduling is to drive efficiency in this part of process

We'll focus extensively on the role of the maintenance supervisor. We'll discuss in detail how you need to manage Emergency Work. And we'll touch on how you should be dealing with Emergent Work, the work you discover whilst doing a job.


Close Out Work

Module 8 covers the close out of work. This is where we capture everything that went well and the things that didn't go too well.

We provide feedback to the planner in terms of planning quality, materials etc. and we capture technical history in the CMMS so the reliability engineers can use that information in their continuous improvement programs. We'll also discuss how this links into your Defect Elimination and Root Cause Analaysis processes.

The secret to successful planning & scheduling is a continuous improvement loop and that relies on the proper close-out of work and high quality feedback.


Review & Improve

Module 9 is all about making things better and better or in other words: Continuous improvement and how to build that into your business and your work processes.

We'll delve in to using KPIs to drive performance and the limits to what KPIs can do for you. We'll talk about the need to have a 'process owner' who conducts annual process 'audits' and the value of GEMBA walks.

In Lesson 4 of this module we'll touch on a contentious subject - measuring wrench time. How to do it, when to do it and when not. 


Implementing Planning & Scheduling

Module 10 is where this course is really completely different than all the other planning & scheduling courses out there.

In this module we will give you a tried and tested process to implement planning & scheduling in your organisation. We'll cover the business case, change management basics, setting up your project team for success, the need for coaching and each lesson comes complete with practical tools and techniques that are proven to work when it comes to implementing planning & scheduling in a real business environment. 

A State-of-the-Art
Learning Management System

To successfully deliver an online training course you need to get many things in place including fantastic content, a great online environment and world class support:


The content of this course is well-proven, has been derived from decades of real industry experience, is fully aligned with industry practice.  

The course and its content is accredited by the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) and gives you credits towards your CMRP recertification.


Great Learning
Management System

The online environment is truly a state-of-the-art solution that has been adopted by industry giants like the University of Washington or the University of Florida.

The learning management system is intuitive, easy to navigate and integrated with private discussion groups so you can interact with your instructor and fellow students. 

World Class

The course has dedicated support staff in place and the forum is professionally moderated to ensure a safe and welcoming environment. 

Some Sample Slides
From the Actual Course

Meet Your Teacher

Erik Hupje

Hi, I am Erik Hupjé, founder of the Road to Reliability™ and I will be your course director.

I have over 20 years’ experience in asset management, and specifically managing maintenance & reliability. And during those years I’ve worked in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, the Sultanate of Oman and Australia. My passion is for continuous improvement and keeping things simple.

Through the Road to Reliability™ I help Maintenance & Reliability professionals around the globe – people like yourself – improve their plant’s reliability and their organisation’s bottom line.

I am a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Practitioner (CMRP), Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Erik Hupjé

certified reliability leader
maintenance planning and scheduling online training course

What Students Say
About the Course

  • maintenance planning and scheduling course testimonial


    An excellent course worth every single penny. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all practitioners, beginners and mature maintenance or operations managers alike, as everyone can benefit from it.

    Andrej Androjna - Quantum Consulting, Slovenia

  • Martijn Hadders


    "... his newly created Maintenance and Scheduling course was a breath of fresh air...The content he provides is very comprehensive and easy to understand. One of the most useful chapters is how to implement the program, a topic often missing in many courses and trainings...I highly recommend it to any person or company endeavoring to advance their company’s maintenance efficiency and productivity."

    Martijn Hadders - Manager Global Maintenance & Asset Management, Henkel 

Delivering Value And
Ensuring A High Return On Investment

A standard classroom-based maintenance planning & scheduling course lasts 3 days and typically costs anywhere between USD 1250 and USD 2500. Depending on where in the world you are, and who delivers the course.

I’ve even seen 3-day planning & scheduling courses offered in the Middle East for USD 4500. 

You walk in and 3 days later you walk out. Usually well fed and with a binder full of slides under your arm to remind you of your death-by-PowerPoint experience. 3 weeks later you will have forgotten most of what was covered in those 3 days.  

Not with this course. 

This course contains 10 modules delivered online over a period of 10 weeks (although you can go faster). Each week you receive new high-quality video lectures. Each module has multiple video lessons each supported by work books, audio files, transcripts and slide decks. 

We will hold regular ‘office hours’. During office hours students can dial into a conference call to ask questions live. And for those that can’t make the live calls you can send in your questions ahead of the call and listen to the replay in the student-only course area. 

But that’s not all, the course will have its own private forum accessible only to students to ask questions, turn in assignments, get support and connect with other students.    

You don’t get that with classroom-based training. 

And finally, if you get a course edition with lifetime access you get access to all future updates of the course. So, if you would like you to retake the course in 3 year’s time as a refresher that’s not a problem. We’ll be happy to have you back. No classroom-based course will let you retake the course several years later without having to pay again.  




USD 995

USD 1,495

From USD 12,995

9 Course Modules
41 lessons and 12 hours of video

Course slides (PDF), transcripts (PDF) and audio of all lessons (MP3)

Certificate of Completion (PDF)

SMRP Recertification Credits

Office Hours for Q&A

90 Days Access

10 Course Modules
48 lessons and 14 hours of video

Course slides (PDF), transcripts (PDF) and audio of all lessons (MP3)

Certificate of Completion (PDF)

SMRP Recertification Credits

Office Hours for Q&A

Lifetime Access

Access to Module 10 - Implementing Planning & Scheduling

All templates required to document the planning & scheduling process

Complete set of change management & implementation tools

This is the most cost-effective and most sustainable way to implement planning & scheduling in your plant.

Train 10 or more staff efficiently through on-demand online training.

Define and implement your new planning & scheduling processes using your own staff, using a proven framework that I provide and teach.

Ensure success by getting your team coached by myself during the implementation.

Licensing option available which would allow you to rebrand the course material and deploy through your own Learning Management System

We have payment plans available!
You can either pay everything at once or choose to pay over 3 or 5 months.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with a
30-day Money Back Guarantee

How many face-to-face courses have you attended where you can walk out after the first day and ask for your money back?

Not many that’s for sure.

But the Road to Reliability™ has been created to help Maintenance & Reliability Professionals around the world.

And I firmly believe in that mission and in the value of serving our community.

I also believe 100% in the quality of this course. So much so that if at any time in the first 30 days of the course you are not happy with the course – for whatever reason – you can simply ask for a full refund and I’ll promptly pay you back 100% of the course fee.

online maintenance planning & scheduling course

Still have some Questions?
Let's Answer Them

The course is provided by R2 Reliability Pty Ltd which an approved education provider accredited by the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals. Not only does this guarantee quality, but it also means that completing the course grants you credit hours towards your ongoing professional development and maintaining your CMRP status.
No, the course is based on modules and you need to complete the modules including all homework tasks sequentially. So once you have completed Module 1 you get access to Module 2 and so forth until you complete all the course modules and then sit for the final, multiple choice exam (online).
Yes, you will have homework to do. This is an intensive course with assignments that you need to complete in your workplace and submit online. 
Your assignments will be reviewed and graded (pass/fail) by myself and/or by a specialised maintenance planning & scheduling coach.

Yes, in addition to the assignments and quizzes that are included in the various modules there is a final, online multiple-choice exam that you need to complete and pass to receive your Certificate of Completion. 

Support will be provided in a few ways.
First, there will be an exclusive forum accessible only to course students to ask questions about the course content. That means you get to discuss topics with fellow students but can also expect answers from myself and/or a professional maintenance planning & scheduling coach. 
Secondly, I will set up regular 'office hours' where you can dial in and ask questions live. If you can't attend due to timezone differences you can simply email questions in and listen to the replay afterward, which will be stored in the exclusive student-only area. PROFESSIONAL and CORPORATE edition students will have lifetime access to these calls and the recordings!
And thirdly, if you opt for the 'CORPORATE' edition of the course you also get 5 private coaching calls with me to help you on your way to implementing planning & scheduling in your organisation.
If you or your organisation need more support then simply get in touch. We're here to help!

You certainly do. When you have successfully completed all Course Modules, all homework assignments, all quizzes and you have passed the final (online) exam you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Certificate of completion

If you purchase the 'STUDENT' edition of the course to get 3 months access only.
If you purchase the 'PROFESSIONAL' or 'CORPORATE' edition of the course you will have lifetime access to the course. And as long as the course remains available for sale online you will always have access to it including all future updates - at no extra cost!
This is why I recommend the 'PROFESSIONAL' edition as the best value option.

I offer a 30-day no questions asked, full refund policy, assuming you have not completed the course. However, once the 30 days have passed no refunds will be given.  

No! Not at all, the course will be delivered through a web-based Learning Management System, but all you need is a modern web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari.

You do need a reasonably reliable internet connection, but as the course material is all pre-recorded you can choose when and where you view or listen to the course content. And on what device as you can access the course on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Not yet, at the moment the course is only available in English.

However, there have requests for other language versions like French, Spanish, Arabic and Italian so other language versions are planned for late 2020.

If you sign-up for the English language version and get the Professional or Corporate Edition you will have lifetime access to the course, and that will include other language versions when they become available.

P.S. Getting your Planning & Scheduling in order is really one of the most important steps you can make on the Road to Reliability™. With planning & scheduling you create more stability in your work, increase efficiency and finally make some time for proactive maintenance activities.

With this online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course there is no reason to wait any longer. You can learn straight from the comfort of your chair and with no need to travel it's more affordable than ever before.